I Want To Know

I am confused. Rather, bewildered. I do not know, if I ought to cherish the glimpses of you brushing your hair with your fingers or think that this is not what I ought to be doing. Many a time, I look at you, just to find you sharing your smiles with everyone else, but me,... Continue Reading →

The Irony in “Friend”ship

"Happy Friendship day!" One of those things, which were of the maximum magnitude to me, when I was a child, was tying friendship bands on my friends' wrists on this day. Even if she were a mere acquaintance, who never bade a "Hi" to me, I would make it sure, that my band would gleam... Continue Reading →


The sun rays piercing through the windowpane into my room, illuminating the space with its glittering arms and erasing everything negative, always fill me with an exhilarating vigour. Darkness attracts me, but, what sunshine does, cannot be expressed in words. Starting the day with Vector, my heart pleaded with┬áme not to ruin my peace. But... Continue Reading →

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