Living Waters

One feels peace and glee when drowned for a long time, in the living waters. The waves that suffocated the lungs, petrified every emotion left, and gave birth to fear in places of the body which are still undiscovered, seem to be kind on you, and you wish to close your eyes, stop your heart... Continue Reading →

I Want To Know

I am confused. Rather, bewildered. I do not know, if I ought to cherish the glimpses of you brushing your hair with your fingers or think that this is not what I ought to be doing. Many a time, I look at you, just to find you sharing your smiles with everyone else, but me,... Continue Reading →


Daily Prompts What is a curve? Something, that is not straight. I think, nothing is straight. Our lives? Never straight. They are full of ups and downs, bliss and misery, marvellous¬†experiences, a thousand number of feelings. Us? We were never straight, were we? Okay, I am not talking about homosexuality, but our different moods, ways... Continue Reading →

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