At the metro

This is another short story that I would like to share. Happy reading! It had been a long day, after some exhausting paperwork and unending assignments, when I took the metro with some trudging steps, almost dragging myself with the bag full of long blank paged copies, with codes written on every inch that would... Continue Reading →

Once Again

Was it you or your aura, Your glittering charm or your speech, That kept me still, Fettered into a chain of bliss? How could one tell One glimpse of those spellbinding eyes Could make every part of my body Still undiscovered, rejuvenated? I endeavoured to not add another name To my never ending crush list.... Continue Reading →

A mind too free to be fettered – A short story

Here, goes another short story. I hope you'll like it. A mind too free to be fettered Liberty. A word bearing a profound meaning, however, no one could ever emphasize its connotations. Whenever I gaze at the gigantic sky, with the glittering stars resembling some microscopic holes in this beautiful glass globe of Earth, I... Continue Reading →

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