The End Of Your Chapter

And, I knew, this day would come. However, I could never prognosticate that it would knock at my doors, so early. With the blink of an eye, there was created, a cumbersome sheath, that blocked my world from yours. I, still, cannot actually think of a day without being able to behold your black school... Continue Reading →

Buried Questions

After decades, I have again, got hold of some time, to write anything and everything. Pouring life into the laptop, brought me to the regular wallpaper that never astonished me, however, I knew that it must have a greater magnitude to the two people who were walking down the path in the picture, which is... Continue Reading →

At a glance – A short story

Here is another short story. Give it a read, please. At a glance It was almost the time of Durga Pujo, when I commenced hopping from South city to Forum, Acropolis to Mani square in quest of clothes, shoes and accessories to show off, during those unforgettable days of Pujo. In Kolkata, people wait restlessly... Continue Reading →

A mind too free to be fettered – A short story

Here, goes another short story. I hope you'll like it. A mind too free to be fettered Liberty. A word bearing a profound meaning, however, no one could ever emphasize its connotations. Whenever I gaze at the gigantic sky, with the glittering stars resembling some microscopic holes in this beautiful glass globe of Earth, I... Continue Reading →

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