To Feel Nothing

"To feel nothing, so as not to feel anything - what a waste!" It's 3 am. Drowsy. Tired. The storm that snatched away, All the treasures, concealed. Treasures of a ramshackle soul, An excruciated heart, And, a distressed mind. Starting to give up on each and every thought, every second hope, and every spark that... Continue Reading →



Different The atmosphere filled with your scent, Could do no more than make me sigh; Sigh in pleasure. Your eyes did expound a lot more, Than what Faraday could ever attempt to do. The grin that drove out the monotony, The heart-warming blink that erased anxiety, You were different, I knew. You were special, I... Continue Reading →

The thunder that came with you

I have not blogged for eight months or so, because of all the conundrum that has devoured my life. Lately, I have been into poetry, although I do not exactly know how to write a poem. I scribbled down something, that I would like to share with you, and please give your views on it,... Continue Reading →


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