To Feel Nothing

"To feel nothing, so as not to feel anything - what a waste!" It's 3 am. Drowsy. Tired. The storm that snatched away, All the treasures, concealed. Treasures of a ramshackle soul, An excruciated heart, And, a distressed mind. Starting to give up on each and every thought, every second hope, and every spark that... Continue Reading →


Blue Lagoon

It was not until today, that I realized that the Blue Lagoon ice-cream that tasted heaven to me a few months earlier, didn't speak the same words to me, when its chilling surface touched my tongue. I was shocked to come across the way, the ice-cream just did not want to melt in my mouth,... Continue Reading →

The Irony in “Friend”ship

"Happy Friendship day!" One of those things, which were of the maximum magnitude to me, when I was a child, was tying friendship bands on my friends' wrists on this day. Even if she were a mere acquaintance, who never bade a "Hi" to me, I would make it sure, that my band would gleam... Continue Reading →


The End Of Your Chapter

And, I knew, this day would come. However, I could never prognosticate that it would knock at my doors, so early. With the blink of an eye, there was created, a cumbersome sheath, that blocked my world from yours. I, still, cannot actually think of a day without being able to behold your black school... Continue Reading →


Buried Questions

After decades, I have again, got hold of some time, to write anything and everything. Pouring life into the laptop, brought me to the regular wallpaper that never astonished me, however, I knew that it must have a greater magnitude to the two people who were walking down the path in the picture, which is... Continue Reading →


Live again

Whenever I come across a grown up man, I wish to know the child within him. What was he like when he was five years old? Didn't that child tear up those dark clouds that covered the sky, which looked like the whole world to him, with his tender hands, to let those infinite number... Continue Reading →



Different The atmosphere filled with your scent, Could do no more than make me sigh; Sigh in pleasure. Your eyes did expound a lot more, Than what Faraday could ever attempt to do. The grin that drove out the monotony, The heart-warming blink that erased anxiety, You were different, I knew. You were special, I... Continue Reading →



Daily Prompts Revelation Dear the person, who taught me to fathom my magnitude, I could never foretell that you would turn out to be the person, who you've become. Who would know, an unknown visage was concealed behind an amiable face that reflected humility and honesty? However, I am exceedingly grateful to you for you... Continue Reading →


The thunder that came with you

I have not blogged for eight months or so, because of all the conundrum that has devoured my life. Lately, I have been into poetry, although I do not exactly know how to write a poem. I scribbled down something, that I would like to share with you, and please give your views on it,... Continue Reading →


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