My Autumn

You’re like the autumn leaves,
The reddish hue mixed with a tincture of yellow
Seems to disappear every now and then,
Making this thirsty soul crave for more.

I cherish the raindrops
Rolling down my miles of skin,
Pondering how you would travel
The ups and downs of this undiscovered path.

You’re the rose in my garden of thorns,
Erasing every sign of misery,
With the regal red
Of your petals.

Enduring the excruciating thought
Of not being able to behold you;
Everyday like the one in October,
I buried my head in your thoughts.

You dug up a person,
Who I did not know.
It was not like every other sunshine,
That the sun did glow like a thousand stars.

I can perceive your thoughts,
Worries and silence;
I long to know more,
Like I never did.

That immaculate beard,
Eyes matching up to the incessant river,
The sweetest curve on the visage,
Are engraved in my memory, forever.

You are the witty clown,
Who has a million shades
Painted over a gigantic canvas,
That I would treasure.

Could you trust me,
Open your diary of thoughts
To me,
And no one else?

I crave for another touch,
Another brush of your lips against mine,
Your herculean hands
Around me.

Could this go against all odds,
And, make this soul alive?
Could you let go of your fears,
And, embrace your touch on my skin and no other?

You can be the remedy
To my perennial anxiety,
The wings to this bird,
The heart to this body.

Would you stay,
If I say
I love you,
And no other soul?

Would you love me,
If I say
I wish to be with you,
Like I never have had?


With love,
Ritwika Pal

*Your reviews are appreciated.



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