Once Again

Was it you or your aura,
Your glittering charm or your speech,
That kept me still,
Fettered into a chain of bliss?

How could one tell
One glimpse of those spellbinding eyes
Could make every part of my body
Still undiscovered, rejuvenated?

I endeavoured to not add another name
To my never ending crush list.
However, you’re not just a name.
You’re a memory.

A memory,
That has been engraved in my heart,
And every tissue of my soul,
An exhausted soul.

Waves of misery hit me,
No sooner than the thought of
Not beholding you again,
Ruined my short-lived glee.

Going against the existence of an introvert,
After gaining all the courage,
The truth of not being able to keep my eyes off you,
Got out, travelling all the way through my buccal cavity
To my tongue,
Into the air,
Through the sound waves,
Entered into your ears.

What if I could meet you again?
Share a word or two,
And, feel those buried emotions
Through the veins under my skin.

Standing close to your side,
Attempting to capture
Every curve of your body.
As far as my vision reached;
To the end of your soul,
Tips  of your beard,
The small shave cuts,
Lines of your palms,
And, the veins visible.

I longed to have the picture of you,
Engraved in the deepest part of me,
For another eternity.
And, another life.

My hands longed to touch yours once,
Absorb the warmth,
The glistening rays of exhilaration,
Once and for all.

However, the moment flew away,
Like you did,
Leaving me in despair;
Wondering in awe
With dishevelled hair and a thirsty heart,
For a next time.

I kept desiring for one more instant,
One more chance,
To behold you,
Your eyes that hold profound connotations.
Listen to your voice,
The voice that has already touched my heart,
For a little longer.

A little longer
So that, I could smile
A little more.
Reluctant to move
Anywhere far from you,
Slayed a little of me.

Short-lived glee that has moved me,
In every way possible;
With the crimson sunshine
And the incessant blues of the river,
Now is a memory.

Wishing for a forever in vain,
Is no stranger to me.
But this time, I wished for it more,
Than ever.

Could you come back,
Give that one more glimpse,
That one incomplete talk,
That one unsaid goodbye?

Just make my ravenous heart satisfied
Though you cannot stay.
Promise me a forever,
In this once, I will have my forever.

Let me stand by you,
Once more.
Let your perfectly modulated voice
Pacify every restless piece of me.
Let your visage,
Your aura,
The atmosphere you create,
Make me fall in love,
Once more,
Once, again.


Here goes, another poetry too close to my heart. I just couldn’t keep myself from writing one for you.  Thank you, for instilling confidence in me that has been long lost, and after decades, I felt proud and gained a lot of vitality.
You are a true inspiration, and anyone would be glued to the ground, when you’ll be around with your powerful, yet entrancing aura.
I do not wish to disclose your name, I hope you do not mind.
I hope to see you soon.
And, great things do await.

Best wishes,
Ritwika Pal

*Feel free to give all kinds of reviews*



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