The times you feel the ‘almost’ passing by,
And, you cannot sigh;
For once, you have again let,
That one feeling tear you apart,
Bring storms of unexplained theories
And, dismantle the sand castle.
This sand castle, that has been washed away,
With the waves,
Waves of the seas,
Waves of the unwanted agony.

The paintings, still stare at the artist,
Not bought and abashed.
Their minds roaming, and wondering,
Why aren’t they good enough?
What is that one flaw that kept them from adorning the walls
Of the penthouse of some elite gentleman?
What if just one extra stroke of that paint,
Would’ve changed the whole plan?
Engrossed in this reckoning,
They go back to the shabby workplace.

Human mind is no exception.
Longing to find a place,
Fearing that it will never get solace.
Maybe, the only warm shelter,
Is their own home.
Maybe, I will never find a home,
In someone else.
This rusted heart is already tired,
For once,
It wants to sleep.


Have a great life.

*Feel free to give your views*


8 thoughts on “Almost

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  1. Hi there! I liked this post quite a lot…to me, it’s an universal feeling for all those “what-if” moments out of life. Poignant. I have a feeling I’ll be thinking about this piece for a couple days. Thank you for sharing! ~Kelsey

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