The End Of Your Chapter

And, I knew, this day would come. However, I could never prognosticate that it would knock at my doors, so early. With the blink of an eye, there was created, a cumbersome sheath, that blocked my world from yours. I, still, cannot actually think of a day without being able to behold your black school shoes enveloped with dirt outside the house. I cannot cease, thinking about the fact that from now on, I would be trudging to the house instead of dashing up the stairs, running out of breath. I cannot imagine a day without seeing you waiting impatiently for me to arrive, as soon as I opened that door. I cannot overcome this harsh, and slaying truth that I will never sit beside you again, in that tiny room. I, definitely, know what reasons made you go away, however, the thought of not having you mess my hair, made my heart sink, like it never did. Your hysterical stories about everyday spent at your school would always be something, that would make me laugh out loud. The most comical one was when that friend hid behind the chapel, and couldn’t move till the prayers got over. Whenever I stumbled over any concept of Physics or Mathematics or Chemistry, you were always at your feet to make me decipher the facts and theories profoundly. Those toe fights that went on, under the table when Sir would go on talking about Nuclear Physics, will still be kept in my memories. I know, you never got enough of poking me at class, and your out of the blue movements, sometimes, petrified me. I recall elucidating how I loathe you for disturbing me immensely, and, now, I would never be disturbed again. I hope, the songs that I have sent to you, would still be on your playlist, and I always got flattered when you said, “Your selection in music is classic.” I do not know if you have ever noticed that I have absolutely comprehended the fact that you got your ringtone from me. Thank you, for enduring my obdurate traits and capricious personality for one year and four months. However, do you realize that we have no picture together? Whenever I wrote anything and showed it to you on a piece of paper, you would appreciate it with big words that would just make so grateful that I have a friend like you. In midst of all this pandemonium, I would still look up to you, for assistance. But, you’ll become just another face on Facebook, in a few months.

“Why aren’t you blissful with her?” I asked.
“Because, we are not alike,” he answered.
“Then, who is?”
“You. You, the only girl, I am on the same wavelength with!” he exclaimed.
That was it. That was enough to make me ponder more about the bond, we had. However, you were not into plain-looking people, who didn’t have perfectly shaped waists and linear thighs. I would not go into some miserable details, but the gleeful ones, as this would be the last piece, I would be writing about you since your chapter is nearly closing.

Sir would never get enough of chiding you with comical words, when you did ludicrous mistakes, and I would endeavour to control my laughter. But when the vice versa used to happen, you never did laugh or smile. I would miss beholding the raindrops descending, through the window with you, by my side. I hope, you’ll remember the day, when it was raining and, “The night we met” was just the song to be played, and the refreshing air that blew through my hair, touched you too. Do you know, that I still cannot digest the fact that, I would see you no more at class? This is harder than I have thought it to be. I do realize that you have your own justifiable reasons, but when you said,” The second thought, was of leaving you alone,” I knew it was a mere lie.

“Arrgghhhh…” he said, scratching my arms with his nails.
“Why did you do that?” I frowned.
“At least, I’ll leave scars as memories.”
But, the irony is, you already did.

*You know who you are.


Have a great life.

*Feel free to give your views*


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      1. I did? Nowadays, it is rare(That’s what I think). By the way, I just googled you. And, to my astonishment you’re a published author. I am so honoured that you liked, what I wrote. If you may, I would be exceedingly gleeful to write to you to your mail id.


      2. I am, yes, self published. It is book I had to put out, very philosophical and phenomenological focused. It is a novel intended to make my readers experience the torture and horror of being a delusional depressive, with all the confusion, sadness, suffering and distorted ways of seeing the world. As a result it is a difficult read but a rewarding read nonetheless because it does what it is supposed to.
        Mail me here:

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      3. The novel, definitely, is an intriguing one, then. It is well portrayed and thus, everyone will be able to relate to it, in this way or the other. I’ll read it, online, undoubtedly. And, thank you for the mail id. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      4. 😃😃 i really hope you survive it. Was there first time I wrote something that was predominantly about the experience of the book rather than the story.


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