The atmosphere filled with your scent,
Could do no more than make me sigh;
Sigh in pleasure.
Your eyes did expound a lot more,
Than what Faraday could ever attempt to do.

The grin that drove out the monotony,
The heart-warming blink that erased anxiety,
You were different,
I knew.
You were special,
I assumed.

I would shiver at the touch of the tips of your fingers
And, yet I could roam and wander in your warmth,
The warmth that could stay and never leave,
The way every man promises to never flee;
Never flee from the incessant marathon,
The journey of life which goes on.

Does it ever peep into your mind,
The unending stories you would relate to me?
The honest laughs we had had shared?
And, the enigmatic silence, that sometimes
Fettered us into an unknown chain?

Yearning those awfully fortunate times back
Was in vain.
Was it easy?
Easy to un-notice my years old scars?
Snatching away the only way to heal those wounds?

I feel those wounds aching more,
Whenever I walk down the path alone;
The moonlight bathed path that still
Has our footprints.
A chill runs down my spine,
When it rains endlessly and I,
I walk alone holding the lugubrious umbrella
That was once bright and knew your smell.

You deciphered that, you added to my misery.
To my astonishment,
You were gone with the wind to somewhere unknown.
Scattered into pieces, I gathered myself.
I attempted hard,
Hard enough to erase the slightest image of yours.

Does it ever occur to you
That all you said, was not true?
Tripping over myself
Again and again,
I finally, reached home.

You were different,
I knew.
You were special,
I assumed.


Have a great life.

*Feel free to give your views*


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