The thunder that came with you

I have not blogged for eight months or so, because of all the conundrum that has devoured my life. Lately, I have been into poetry, although I do not exactly know how to write a poem. I scribbled down something, that I would like to share with you, and please give your views on it, because it does help.

The thunder that came with you

A cliche day may not turn out
To be so, when the sky is enveloped with clouds,
Gargantuan clouds, dark and thunderous.
With the refreshing wind,
And a thunderstorm’s glimpse,
A monotonous day receives an enigmatic end.
Coming across you on the Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays,
Makes me stumble with no more than a ‘Hey!’

Vitality never leaves me alone.
It never does.
But, on some miserable days, I act listless,
Drained of energy, somnolent
Just for a precise longing confined in my heart,
To make you commence a conversation,
To make you encourage me
And, love me.

My heart ceases to pump blood.
I breathe heavily,
At the thought of not having you to myself,
Of not being lucky enough
To have you love me.
I feel content when to some simple questions,
I give elusive answers.
Just the way I love fiction and the dancers.

That day,
That stereotypical day never took birth
In my out of the box imagination.
The feeling that nurtured sensations,
Was more than its worth.
Could you tell,
That I would pull you close, towards me?
Even I couldn’t.

Head-aches were already noted in my tuition routines.
I always wonder in awe,
Astonished and spellbound at the way,
You erased it without any flaw.
Resistors and conductors always filled me with exasperation,
Detest and monotony.
Have you ever thought of the worthlessness of Kirchoff’s law to me?
Or to a dreamer?

Clouds as enormous as the islands,
Covered the city ponderously.
The power of the wind
Slammed one of the doors,
While you were busy poking me and staring at the floor.
Astounded, I was,
At the sight of you, following me out of the door,
Since, you always bid  a bye, and did nothing more.

Your ridiculous stories, moreover, the obtuse explanations,
Which had a sheath of humour and wit,
Were the two things, I loved.
The mighty wind had then, taken a steady pace.
Trees like eerie phantoms, swaying in the wind,
I noticed then,
The small pond that had rain in it,
Had to finish another race.

Wet streets and the swaying trees,
The heart warming wind with the taste of raindrops
And, the stray dogs in quest of food,
Were the reasons why my brain worked.
A spark of intelligence,
Moved my fingers to play,
“The night we met,”
And, the glee lingered on.

You were elucidating the depth of life,
While I was busy getting lost into your eyes,
Your eyes, enigmatic and yet, beautiful,
Under the glasses you wore.
“We have so much to do,
So many things to see.
Yet we have so little time.”

I remember what you said,
Standing there beside me.
The wind through my hair,
With the magical tune into my ears,
I longed to embrace you.
Your lips.
Dive into your soul and
Know all your darkest parts.

No sooner did the song end,
Than you came forward for a handshake.
The key is to not let the right moment pass.
My heart would not halt beating fast,
Yet I yearned to pull down all the curtains
Everything that kept you from me,
That separated you from me,
That drew a boundary.

Did I do anything wrong,
When I pulled you close and,
Let that one instant of relief touch my soul?
Your heartbeats were almost audible.
I closed my eyes shut,
To feel that,
This is true.
This is not a wonderful dream.

I could feel myself wrap my arms
Around you,
Tighter and tighter.
I had to stop my heart from skipping beats,
Again and again.
I took a step back,
Took a deep breath,
And, you were still there.


Have a great life.

*Feel free to give your views*


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