Simple Love – A short story

There goes another short story.

Simple Love

The green-eyed girl with long straight hair, was the one who either chewed the cud or went through the pages of her books, which she had already read for, maybe, a hundred times, after she had been alienated from her group. The once optimistic person became a morbid one. It was the fact that her past had taught her to be the person she was then. She felt empty and became lugubrious from the day, her friends left her. She was not presumptuous but she was way too candour. But she was the most benevolent being on this earth, one would ever meet. There was one girl, Roopsha who endeavoured to be with her and make her jubilant against all the odds.

After taking the board examination of class X, it was time to check what her results were. With the name, school, roll number, registration number and a few more details, one could easily retrieve the mark sheet, by merely sitting at home, in the most comfortable pajamas, consuming the most scrumptious cheese popcorn that one could ever have, from the computer. Sitting in her chair, she poured life into the computer by turning on the switch with her trembling hands. Google Chrome was sitting just in front of her, mocking at her. Typing the address in the blank space, the site got displayed on the screen. She typed, “Ayantika Dasgupta” in the space which asked for her name. After filling up all her details, she halted for a second. Then, with a brave heart, she clicked the button GO. She closed her eyes waiting for her parents to see the results. She had prognosticated that she may get an average of 90 percent but she didn’t expect what she saw next. All of a sudden, a voice shouted out, “Ayantika, well done.” A sudden thunderous din of clapping hands almost gave her a cardiac attack. As she dared to open her eyelids, she beheld her laudable result with a 96.3 percent. It was a bolt from the blue. She leaped up in the air and cried out, “Goodness gracious!”

After she was isolated from her friends, this was the first time, she was filled with exhilaration.
Ayantika said, incredulously, “I can’t believe it. Is it seriously my result?”
She checked her name, roll number twice to confirm that it was her test results but not the outcome of someone else’s utmost discernment.
”Mom, now, my admission to St. Lucifer’s School may be possible!” she exclaimed with joy.

St. Lucifer’s School was the most eminent school of the city of joy, Kolkata, with a faculty of singular brilliance and there never had been a word heard that could rupture the school’s reputation. Ayantika was dubious about her admission, because she pondered on the fact that there might be many students getting a 95 percent and that it was all her fate to decide where she would go, at the end of the day.
Ayantika called Roopsha hastily and she picked up the phone.
“Hey, Roopsha! How was it?” Ayantika asked, over excited.
“Is it going to be St. Lucifer’s?” Roopsha asked, anxiously.
”It was worse than what I had been expecting. I don’t know what to do now,” I covered my mouth, trying to stop myself from laughing.
”Why? How was it? Tell me!” Roopsha beseeched her to speak out her percentage.
”It was okay. 96.3 percent.”
“What? You were kidding me this whole time. Congratulations! I am proud of you.”
“Thank you, Roopsha. What were your test results?”
Roopsha remained silent for an instant and Ayantika’s sagacity conjectured that Roopsha hadn’t scored as well as she had.
“89.9 percent,” Roopsha said, dolefully.
“Come on, don’t be melancholy. You did well. Congratulations!” Ayantika attempted to
cheer her up.
“At last, your dream is going to come true. I wish you all the best. Love you,” Roopsha said, gleefully.
“Thank you. I love you too,” Ayantika replied.

Ayantika longed to tell everything to the girls with whom she had been friends with for years. But she couldn’t.

She said those words to the gloomy wall, standing in front of her, that didn’t respond to her well wishes.

Later, in the evening, after filling up her application form for her dream school and two other schools, which she would prefer, if she didn’t get the offer letter from St. Lucifer’s. She was informed that the selected names would be put up on the notice board the next day. That night, she couldn’t sleep. She was attempting to envisage the situation if her name was not put up on the notice board.

Soon, the birds started chirping, producing a mellifluous song, and she turned on the light to check the clock that ticked to five. She got up, wore her track pants and a random t-shirt, and fastened the laces of her Nike shoes. With a ponytail tied at the back of her head, she went out for a walk in the midst of the bounty of nature. The ordinary scenes of the city seemed enigmatic and magical to her, in the early morning, when the city was enveloped with a mysterious atmosphere. It was hard for her to wake up everyday for a walk however, with determination she made it an intrinsic part of her life. During the walk, she thought if that was the most auspicious time for her and if she was that repulsive and impertinent for which her friends were filled with abhorrence. Returning home at almost 6:30 am, she was too famished and devoured bread and an egg.
“I’ll be going to check the list. Hope for the best, Ayantika,” her father said with a gargantuan smile on his forty six years old face.
Ayantika nodded and smiled back at him.

She waited impatiently for her father to come home and reveal if her name was on the board or not. It was seven in the evening, when her father retreated home and said, “You are going to St. Lucifer’s School!”
She dashed and hugged him as tight as she could.
From March, the session of class XI would begin. Ayantika could not wait to step into the divine school, where the present day authors, scientists, doctors, officers had studied.

After a month, when everything was ready, Ayantika’s father drove her to her new school and wished her luck. No sooner did she step into the heavenly atmosphere, than a chill ran down her spine. She was consternated whether she would be able to cope with the new rules and regulations and everything. As she was too determined a person, she comprehended that after a few days, she would get acquainted with the new atmosphere. She mounted up the stairs to the floor where there were the classrooms of XI and XII.
“Section A,” she said to herself, looking baffled.
Out of the blue, a boy with cool, steady eyes said, “Section A is that way. If you may, I could lead the way, because I am going there too.”
His black eyes sliced into hers and her heart fumbled a beat and in that pause a feeling of extreme bliss seemed to fill her void.
“Hello?” he asked with a raised eyebrow, when he understood that she was staring at him.
“Yes, please. Thank you,” that was all she could say with a thudding heart.

While he was walking, she observed his perfectly shaped back and his strong constitution. His impeccable arms were something that attracted her while his long, slender neck, broad shoulders, curving pinna, well-made, slim and muscular figure made her gaze at him.
After they reached the classroom, he opened the door for her and she stretched out her arm for a handshake,“Thank you. I am Ayantika,”
“Nice meeting you, Ayantika. I am Soham,” he gave a gentle shake to her hand and brought a smile on his almost symmetrical face.

Trying to find a seat, she chose one which was just two benches from the first and to her astonishment, Soham came and chose to sit right in front of her. He turned round to see Ayantika, looking fixedly at him with her blushing cheeks.
“So, is this your first year at St. Lucifer’s?” she asked.
“No. I have been here since the KGs. Which school are you from?”
“Modern Girls’ High School,” she answered.

Classes started and Ayantika thought –
Excellent notes. Excellent words. Excellent methodology. Excellent everything.

Days went by and Ayantika had become one of the prominent students of the class by standing out with her flawless answers. Soham commenced being the most amiable with her. She could think of him as her best friend and she didn’t want to lose him. She didn’t. Rohil, Sameera, Gargi, Vishesh and Soham became her best friends’ group.

It was a usual Wednesday afternoon when she got ready for her Physics tuitions. That day, Soham’s eyes were pinned to her. Although, she endeavoured hard not to look at him for once, she finally gave in and took a glance at him. She could see a twinkle in his eyes and a grin on his gorgeous face. She didn’t dare to look at him again. As that day, the teacher was in the mood of giving another test to the students, it was 9 O’clock when the class got over.
“I see your father hasn’t come today,” Soham said as soon as she was going to step out of the house.
“Yes. He has some work to do,” she replied.
“Could I…. could I walk you home?” he asked, apprehensively.
She nodded.
“So…” he halted.
“So, what?”
“I think you are going to top this time.”
“No. I mean, I can come in the top five or ten, but I am not that a perfectionist that I will be able to make it to the peak.”
“You can. I reckon so.”
“Thank you.”

His hand brushed against hers and a feeling prickled up the back of her neck and the hairs on her arms tingled. The trees were waving their arms wildly and a cool breeze made her shiver like a leaf in the mighty wind.
“Are you in a relationship with Rohil?”
“Are you totally out of your mind?”
“No. I see that you are the merriest in his company.”
“How can you even say that? How do you know that I am the merriest in his company? I am the most blissful in yo…” she was just going to say ‘your company.’
“Yo? Who’s Yo?” he asked, puzzled.
“I mean my dog. No, not my dog. Yo is my cousin’s dog.”
“Okay, so, here’s your home sweet home.”
“Thank you, for walking this distance with me.”
“You are welcome, and…” he hesitated with a flicker of cheerfulness on his handsome face.
She comprehended that something was hidden behind his visage of jubilance.
“And?” she enquired.
“And, have a nice day. Oh, sorry, a nice night,” he laughed, going out of words.
“I will. Good night and take care.”
“Good night and take care you too,” he touched her cheek with his chilling hand.

She smiled and turned round to ring the bell.

It was almost 12 O’clock. She was thinking what Soham was trying to expound. Then, she fathomed that he might feel the way she did and made up her mind to pour out whatever she had to say. She took her phone and typed, ‘I think I might not be wrong in guessing that you feel the way I do. So, yeah, I dare to say this, I LOVE YOU.’

Her gentle finger shivered to press the Send button. She took a deep breath and pressed the button. But no reply came. The next day, he didn’t come to school, making her more edgy.

She had, then, become restive. It had been about four days. She loathed that she couldn’t cease herself from checking her phone all the time. She could feel her heart skip a beat every time she thought of no communication with the one, she loved the most. This unbearable situation had made her perpetually restless. However, out of the blue, that day, her phone vibrated. No sooner did her phone screen come to life, than she unlocked her phone and stared at the screen, crestfallen. Finally it was his message. She could not believe what she saw. Her eyes had already become filled with warm tears that rolled down her cheeks.

She read his reply, disbelievingly, “I abominate you. Why did you say all that to me?”
She sent a message, instantaneously, ‘What? I said what there was in my heart. It doesn’t mean that you will have to loathe me.’
His message came, ‘Oh, sorry. I was going to send this to someone else. I love you. That night, I longed to propose to you but I couldn’t. I was scared of what your answer would be. I was afraid of revealing my clandestine love for you.’

Ayantika was on the verge of crying after reading this incredible message and called him. Hardly did he pick up the call when she said, wrathfully, “What were you doing these days? You had the time to come online but not send me a message?”

“I am sorry, dear. I gave my phone to the store for the screen didn’t work properly and then I gave it to my brother to update it. Maybe he was the one, who used to come online. Do you recollect that St. Joseph’s School was organizing a debate and a quiz competition? I was not supposed to participate in it but, Sayak fell ill, so I had to prepare for it. I am remorseful. I know, I should have informed you.”
“It’s okay. Are you coming tomorrow?”
“Yes. The contests got over today. I will have a surprise for you tomorrow.”

His last words made her restless. It was like her heart was almost going to come out of her mouth. The next morning, she made it sure to apply mascara and kajal to her soulful eyes and gloss to her well-shaped lips.

When she entered the classroom, she saw balloons of different brilliant colours, floating in the room, everyone shouting to the top of their voices and Soham on his knees holding out a red rose to her.

Ayantika took the rose and smiled at him. Soham stood up and gave her a hug which was so tight that she could not breathe for a second.



There it ends.

Have a great life.

*Feel free to give your views*



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