Untold (Short Story)

Once, I wrote down a short story for a contest held by The Times newspaper, in December, 2015. However, it couldn’t make it to the top. I yearn to share it with you, today. So, here it goes.


At midnight, Kia woke up out of the blue. To her astonishment, Disha had fallen asleep, resting her small head on Rishabh’s herculean shoulder. Kia went to the washroom and when she returned, she was too indolent to push her way into her seat, and the seating arrangement changed. Kia fell asleep real quick, holding Rishabh’s hand more firmly. However, Rishabh’s other hand craved to touch Disha’s gentle arm. Her heart skipped a beat when his cold touch made Disha shiver. No sooner did his hand touch hers, than she pulled her hand away.

When the flight landed at the Dabolim Airport, Rishabh’s exhilaration seemed to be replaced by something enigmatic, that was inexplicable. He was absolutely baffled, and feared the worst.

Rishabh comprehended the fear of hurting Disha and Kia, and could not stop himself from being in love with the two ladies at the same time. He pondered what would happen if Kia got to know about his mixed feelings. Rishabh, Disha’s cousin, was the secretary photographer of The Union magazine. He was filled with a mixture of exhilaration and consternation as his promotion solely depended on the task of covering Christmas at Anjuna beach. Disha’s father was one of the editors of the same, and she got the job of a freelance writer.

“You need to do your best, Rishabh. I know you will,” said, Kia, the journalist, encouragingly.
Rishabh kissed Kia’s hand gently without knowing that Disha was keeping a keen look on them.
He replied, “I will endeavour to do so, dear.”
Disha let out a breath of wrath and misery, after watching the two together, which was vile for her.

After reaching Hotel Anjuna, the three went to their respective rooms. Out of the blue, Disha’s phone rang up. No sooner did she see ‘Rishabh calling’ than she picked it up and said, furiously, “You know I can’t see you with someone else. I know you love her and you love..” she halted.

Rishabh expounded to her, “And I love you. I am remorseful for whatever I am doing. Please, give me sometime, to sort out everything. This Anjuna project is something on which my career depends. I need to make it as grand and gargantuan as possible. You are a benediction. Be with me.”
Disha replied, “Always.”

It was 25th of December, and hardly did they refresh themselves when they set out for Anjuna beach. Rishabh took the seat beside the driver, while the other two moved behind. Rishabh became exceedingly anxious when he beheld Disha attempting to say something to Kia stealthily. Disha, fathoming that Rishabh was eavesdropping and had noticed her inscrutable action, commenced talking about how jubilant she was. He could not prognosticate what was going to happen later.

Anjuna beach was crowded with indefatigable people, dancing to the beats of electronic music which was cacophony to Disha. The half-naked bodies, with their hands playing with the invisible air, were clashing against each other. The crowd was springing up, and their heart beating faster with each leap in the air. Rishabh tried to take pictures at every possible angle, while the scrupulous Disha depicted the whole scene with a mere pen. However, Kia commenced dancing in the crowd, forgetting about what she was supposed to do.
The solicitous Rishabh rushed towards her, “Kia, you need to do your job first.”
Kia comprehended that and interviewed different people.

While some were dancing wildly, others preferred to stay in the shacks, or tan themselves well on the beach. Kia perceived Rishabh staring at the girls and flirting with them. She shouted, “Rishabh, now you do your job.”
He laughed hysterically and hugged her.

The Sun was gleaming brilliantly while its reflection on the sea water made it glitter, which bewitched Disha. Rishabh took a perfect picture of this picturesque sight. With their jobs almost done, the three went to the Curlie Beach Shack to satisfy their appetite.
Kia said, “Chicken Vandaloo.”
Rishabh smiled, “I would go for the sausage chilly. Disha, what will you have?”
Disha ran her finger down the menu and replied, “Taluna with Pita and roast chicken.”
Rishabh asked, surprised, “Won’t anyone have something from the Bar menu?”
“Disha and Kia said together, “Whisky. Royal Stag.”
They smiled at each other.

In the car, Disha fell fast asleep and rested her head on Rishabh’s well built shoulder. He sighed while this movement did not bother Kia, who was indulged in looking outside the window. The city was adorned with brilliant lights and different shops were put up, selling clothes, accessories which attracted her the most. Disha’s hand reached Rishabh’s ponderously and she held it tightly, as if she was never going to leave it. He took a quick glance at Kia, who was staring at the ornate city, and moved his hand to clutch Disha’s waist. She opened her dark eyes and smiled at him. The only thing she could hear was his heart beat, which she yearned to be hers.

After a while, they reached the Church of Basilica of Bom Jesus. The three were astonished to behold such a gargantuan structure and without squandering anymore time, they stepped into the heavenly atmosphere. The glass-sided coffin amid the shower of gilt stars had the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier, the so-called Apostle of the Indies. The three were spellbind at the sight of Jesus and the beautiful atmosphere with an enigmatic sheath enveloped them.

Rishabh said in his mind, “I love Kia. I love Disha too, who filled emotions into this phlegmatic man. I am in an unintelligible situation. Shall I reveal everything to Kia? I can’t lose them.”
Disha closed her eyes and joined her delicate hands, “For this Christmas, Lord, you know what I want. I love him, but my heart beats faster when I am close to the other one. Thank you for everything.”
Kia said, “I know, whom I love truly. Thank you for this life.”

As the night became darker, Disha became somnolent. When Rishabh’s text appeared on the screen of her phone, ‘Meet me at my room. I know, it is my fault. I have no control over my flawed feelings. I need to talk to you. Please,’ she rushed to the elevator and waited for the fourth floor. With room no. 23 in her mind, she took a quick glance on each door and when she finally got to his room, to her astonishment, it was slightly ajar. She peaked through the opened door just to see Rishabh and Kia kissing passionately. The two bodies floated across the room without noticing Disha. He had poured himself into her completely. More than misery, she felt rage. She began contemplating that what she had planned for herself would not work out that way. She stood immobile for a moment after watching this incredible scene. She tiptoed and went back to her room with the only sound of the tears rolling down her plump cheeks.

An hour later, the door bell rang. Disha ceased sobbing, got up and opened the door to see Rishabh standing outside. She endeavoured to push the door close, but he halted her from doing so and got inside.

He elucidated to her, “I am sorry. I asked you to come but she needed a strepsil, and then that erratic incident happened. There can be no apology for what I am doing and nothing can abate your misery. You are extraordinary, inexplicable, intrepid, and infinitely beautiful. I can’t say it in words how much I love you and how despair I feel at this instant. It is like my sagacity has left my body. This is cumbersome and boundless.”
Disha replied, ruminatively, “You are trying to flee from feasibility. If you love me so much, then make a clean breast of it and speak out everything to Kia.”
Rishabh dropped his body on the bed, “I cannot because I love her too. I don’t know. Please, let this Anjuna thing end and I will clear out everything.”
Disha stammered, “It is okay. You can leave me and be with her, or you can leave both of us.”
Rishabh became baffled at this and was going to ask something when she said, hastily, “I do not want to supersede her. Be with her. I will help myself to move on.”

Disha sat beside him and he moved towards her. Their breaths mingled with each other. She was too bashful to look at him in the eyes. As his chilling hands touched her cheeks, she skipped a beat. Their lips, an inch away, enjoyed the atmosphere that filled the gap. After hesitating a bit, he moved his head to touch her lips, which were craving for his. He could then see her soul through the translucent curtain which separated him from her, and yearned this kiss to be perennial. He could feel her candor, the simple beauty of her soul. Her simple ‘yes’ to his bewitchment, revealed her irrefutable lust, her heart which was craving for love. Thinking of it as a malady of fate, she pulled herself back and uttered, “After this, I cannot see you with someone else. Please, leave me and be with her eternally.”
He got up and held her hand. For the first time, she saw tears in his glistening eyes. He kissed her forehead and went away saying nothing.

“How shall I tell him now? How? Why did he kiss me? It made things more irrevocable. Everything is erroneous,” Disha said to herself.

Rishabh went up to his room, puzzled with his mendacious nature and made up his mind to say everything to Kia, the next day. A poignant reminder of the fact that he would have to let go of one, exhorted his tears to roll down. His love for Kia was becoming obscure, while his love for Disha was being more prominent.

The next morning, Disha could not face Rishabh and didn’t look at him for once. This irreverent attitude annoyed him more than he could imagine. He felt this clandestine love to be onerous and no sooner did he get to Kia to spill out everything, than Disha said, “Let us go out for a walk on the beach.”
“Yeah! Come on,” Kia said, jubilantly.

He looked at Disha dubiously but she did not look back at him, which made him conjecture that something was going on. His mind was sunk into the sea of confusion and inculpated himself. The two ladies walked on the beach barefooted and enjoyed the magnificent beauty of the beach. The enigma, beauty of the vivid panorama occupied Disha’s mind completely. Kia walked towards Rishabh and slid her hand into his. However he pulled his hand back and hugged himself with his arms.

Kia frowned at him, “What has happened to you? Am I so hateful?”
He replied, “No, dear. I just want some time with myself.”
She said in a low voice, “I know what has been going on with you and Disha. I understand. But it is totally fine if you want to stay with her. I’ll move on, although it will be hard to do so. You have left an indelible mark on my heart.”
He answered, impudently, “No. Don’t be ludicrous. Just give me some time.”

She walked away silently. He saw the two talking, giggling, walking hand in hand ahead.

After reaching the hotel, Kia opened her glittering purse and found a tiny piece of paper which said,

“Be in your room at 9 O’CLOCK.
Your love,

She smiled and she knew exactly from who this message was. After taking a bath and cleansing her impeccable body, she thought what to wear. She knew that this person would not want her to wear something lacy or sexually appealing. So, she chose a t-shirt and a brightly coloured skirt. Combing her hair, she sprinkled the Engage fragrance around her and waited for the clock to tick nine.

Just at nine, the bell rang. Kia took a last look at herself in the mirror and dashed to open the door. Her love was standing right in front of her. The fingers tickled her skin as the hands ran up her perfectly shaped thighs, reaching beneath her skirt. She let out a shallow breath as her bare knees were kissed. The two bodies played with each other and were too reluctant to forsake one another. They obliterated anything that separated the two souls. Their interminable bond filled the two animate bodies with incessant bliss. The lips united and didn’t leave each other till Kia said, breathing heavily, “I missed you, Disha!”
There it ends.

Have a great life.

*Feel free to give your views*



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