The Incredulous Truth – A short story

I had, once, participated in a contest, “The Short Story Contest 11” conducted by The Telegraph In Schools, and The Incredulous Truth got selected in the top ten of the best stories.  It got featured in the newspaper on October 1, 2015. So, here it goes.

The Incredulous Truth

It was a regular day in school. There were neither complaints against me nor any punishment for me that day. So, I was happy to get back home! There wouldn’t be many uneasy questions from my mother to answer, I thought happily. I got off the school bus and ran home across the street, as I always did. As I reached our main door and was about to ring the door bell, I was surprised to find it unlocked! I pushed the door open and entered the house. As I stepped in, I was baffled. Everything in our house had completely changed … the furniture, the decor and, in general, everything else that stood there. I was shocked, transfixed to the spot! Was I dreaming? I pinched myself to confirm that I was awake, wide awake! I ran to every room, looking and calling out to my mother and our old maid. But nobody seemed to be home…nobody…not a soul!

I was petrified. I didn’t know whether to cry or call out for succour or digest the fact that my mother had disappeared or been kidnapped. It took me a while to fathom that my mother and our maid were nowhere to be seen. No sooner did I abate my anxiety than I commenced the quest for any clue that would lead to my mother. All the things were on the floor which made the task exceedingly onerous. Somehow, I knew that this was inauspicious, however, I had this profound feeling of getting my mother back. I went through the cupboards, closets, the papers, documents. I thought that I didn’t leave a single corner of the house unchecked. But I forgot to check the bathroom. I hastened to the bathroom and went through everything. I searched for what I didn’t know. Presumably something was there which would lead me to my old life. It was erroneous to contemplate that there wasn’t anything that would give me any hint or make me conjecture about the incident that had taken place earlier in this house. Then, my eyes fell on the small shelf where the shampoo and the conditioner bottles stood. As I grabbed one bottle, a piece of paper fell on the ground. As soon as I saw it, I picked it up and it read, “Go to the roof, and open the lid of the red waste bin kept at the right corner of the roof. Search for the white tab in it. Watch the video named ‘Rose’ and you’ll comprehend everything.”

Squandering no more time, I went to the roof. Although the revolting smell was keeping me from opening the lid of the waste bin, I  finally did so. I dared to put a hand inside it. After a while, I could feel something hard and brought it out. It was a plastic bag. The stench was too odious for me to try to unfasten it. But I did it. To my disgust, there were some soiled napkins. I attempted to search for that tab among them. I found it wrapped in one of the napkins. I switched on the tab and clicked on the video ‘Rose.’ I could see my mother sitting on a couch. She began, “I know it is hard for you, Rose. But I want to divulge all the secrets to you. I have been working on a project with the other people of the confidential team called The United Goals. We have been studying the dead for years. After the research work was done, we came to a conclusion that the dead can revive. But a treacherous member gave us away to the people. Now some men are endeavouring to come by this information and use it for bad purposes. It would be too perilous for the living if the dead would come back to life. Today, some men will come to our house and search for the information. I can’t tell you anymore as they might also find this tab and watch this video. By the time they reach the house, the theories, and all the other information would already be destroyed. I want you to stay calm and don’t tell about this to anyone. I’ll come back tomorrow and till then, our maid will take care of you. She’ll reach our house by 4 pm. Love you.”

I could neither believe my eyes nor my ears. After watching this incredulous video, I went to my room, organized the mess and waited for everything to be normal.

There it ends.

Have a great life.

*Feel free to give your views*



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