One way

My day started off, when I woke up to perceive my chemistry books glaring at me. I just knew what they wanted, my sanity to be ruined. Fortunately, it was and they were quite triumphant in making me go nuts. I couldn’t get this thing, that when I number the substituents, and if I get a methyl or an ethyl as a substituent in a substituent, then it will be replaced by a hydrogen. I mean, who on earth said that? The class was at 10 O’ clock, and never do I reach my teacher’s place in the nick of time. It is always five or ten minutes after ten, however, I don’t have to agonize about that, because he doesn’t chide me anymore. Maybe, he has got tired of it. Okay, so, he had to go through atomic structure again, as I, the so-not-brilliant-nerd, couldn’t get a word of it earlier. However, he is an amazing teacher, with immense patience, and never does he get aggravated by my ludicrous questions, which I blabber, after his explanation for the thousandth time. So, I hope, now you know, I have the genes, which were mutated to something unnatural. I hope my parents are my biological ones, as I wonder in awe, what caused the birth of such a peculiar being.

It must have been a hundred degrees today, because no sooner did I step out of my teacher’s house, than my tanned skin was being pierced by the malevolent sun rays. I take an umbrella merely during the monsoon. Although there were no drops, I had to take one. The wind was dry and excessively hot, which made it hard for me to breathe. The One Direction songs changed my lugubrious mood. I don’t know why some think that their songs are nothing but din. Half a heart, Truly Madly Deeply, Right now, They don’t know about us, You and I, Irresistible, Eighteen, Night changes, One thing, Little things, Over again, Walking in the wind, Infinity, Love you goodbye, Perfect, I want to write you a song, If I could fly, do you really think that these sound like clamor? I listed down some of my favourites. Whenever, I am melancholy, these songs erase every bit of misery. I am grateful to them, for singing such beautiful songs. I so yearn to see them together, again. I hope that their hiatus doesn’t end into a permanent one. They shouldn’t have done this, because it merely proved those right, who said that One Direction would not last long after Zayn Malik’s departure. Needless to say that they won the Brit awards for the best music video(Drag me down), American Music Artist of the year, Billboard Music award for the top group, Billboard Music Award for the top touring artist just after he left. The hiatus after two or three more years, wouldn’t have done any wrong.

Okay, no more One Direction talks. I do not know how I am going to do at least forty sums with those drowsy eyes, the next morning at 6 am. Don’t you think that those sums are easy. Physics is not easy. I need to burn the midnight oil again.

Have a great life.

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