Simple Love – A short story

There goes another short story. Simple Love The green-eyed girl with long straight hair, was the one who either chewed the cud or went through the pages of her books, which she had already read for, maybe, a hundred times, after she had been alienated from her group. The once optimistic person became a morbid... Continue Reading →


Untold – A tale of three hearts(short story)

Once, I wrote down a short story for a contest held by The Times newspaper, in December, 2015. However, it couldn't make it to the top. I yearn to share it with you, today. So, here it goes. Untold At midnight, Kia woke up out of the blue. To her astonishment, Disha had fallen asleep,... Continue Reading →

The Incredulous Truth – A short story

I had, once, participated in a contest, "The Short Story Contest 11" conducted by The Telegraph In Schools, and The Incredulous Truth got selected in the top ten of the best stories.  It got featured in the newspaper on October 1, 2015. So, here it goes. The Incredulous Truth It was a regular day in school.... Continue Reading →


One way

My day started off, when I woke up to perceive my chemistry books glaring at me. I just knew what they wanted, my sanity to be ruined. Fortunately, it was and they were quite triumphant in making me go nuts. I couldn't get this thing, that when I number the substituents, and if I get... Continue Reading →


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