Faded away

One day, I long to sit around with some books and just read them, doing merely nothing else, the whole day. This had been a dream since a year or two. As a child, I was never a bookworm, and never did I have this urge to read more and more. However, later, I really, fathomed the addiction to books. I did read a few. But, I could not do so for long, as the board examinations were more important, I guess. In the eleventh standard, I cannot “squander” my time, reading some books. I hope you comprehend, why I highlighted the word, squander. I have so many books, yet to be read, and unfortunately, I have to spend my time with the gargantuan JEE books, filled with aggravating problems and laws. I am so out of luck, that when I understood the profound love for books, I was detached from them. I have the Da Vinci Code, The Hush Hush sequels, The fault in our stars, Harry Potter books, The Great Gatsby, and many more, yet to be explored, resting on my shelves. I stare at them, in despair, and then, I turn my eyes back at the Nomenclature sums, where I have to conjecture the names of some pathetic, ludicrous chemical compounds.

So many aims and aspirations just fade away in this unending journey, don’t they? I feel to run away to some tranquil woods or a seaside, listen to music, read books, meet new people, learn new things. But, who will let me do that? I have to sit back, at my house, stare at the same ancient walls painted green, and orange, the same bright curtains, the mammoth sofas, the not-so-handsome dinning table, and my monotonous life. Okay, no more monotony. To my astonishment, I got a total of hundred likes. It may seem small to those, whose each post bears a number of maybe more than a hundred likes. However, I was too blissful to see that and sprang up in the air. My stats said that there were a total of two-sixty six views, and a hundred-ten visitors. Okay, touchwords is buzzing now. Not really! I am grateful, to whoever is reading this, because my works never got much appreciation. Needless to say that, there have been some people, who always stand by my side. So, I be on cloud nine, when I see some likes on my posts, or when the number of views elevate to an unexpected level. Thank you.

Have a great life.

*Feel free to give your views*


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