Daily Prompts

What is a curve? Something, that is not straight. I think, nothing is straight. Our lives? Never straight. They are full of ups and downs, bliss and misery, marvellous experiences, a thousand number of feelings. Us? We were never straight, were we? Okay, I am not talking about homosexuality, but our different moods, ways of conversations, likes and dislikes, eating habits, and so much more. We like something at this instant, however, maybe, after a few days, loath it the most. We listen to the same song for ages, till we get bored of it. However, we never get bored of something, but ourselves. We try to do, what we wish to do, but, we are never triumphant. We chase dreams, we can’t see, we do weird things which bear no meaning.

I remember, yesterday, a friend sent a message, “fewf ff dfhed dh ?”
I replied, “Gdudhiwueyegsuaowkajahshsh.”
He said, “hfhdfdsafkf df :)”
I answered, “Gafatwg hdhdu. !!!”
“fjafjsdaf ffas fsadjf asfaf afjo f!!!! fsadhfjdaff dsfadhf fg? fsdhfdf, dfdsf.”
“Yjhr togdff??”
” aefhadf fuasf asfgjha fafjhasf fgvjhf sadvjvdsa. dhsadf dfjhs f. fhd f! :(”
“Hsgeveue jsuehrvd heheiwowb shafwrw. 😦 hsheiow. Hsheueiiw :)”

This went on. It had no meaning, and you might think, what on earth you are reading. However, after that, he said that, everything we had, made meaning to us but not to the world. He continued that we were pretending to make something out of nothing. We acted accordingly, to fulfill each other’s wish. Life is about making something out of nothing, that will make you someone different, unique. More than this, you should find glee in everything and live your life the way, you want to. Because, if, one day, you had the chance to watch the movie of your life, I hope, you will watch it, like you had never watched anything more spellbinding.

Have a great life.

*Feel free to give your views*



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