Pierced heart

I can never fathom, why people pretend to be your best friends and then, be like strangers around you. Whenever they need assistance, they beg for it. However, they evade you, when everything is at its place. Doesn’t this mean to get used? Okay, if this means so, then, I am used everyday. An arrow pierces my heart, when I expound it to myself, that people were never better. This profound fact is too harsh to be explained to anyone. Let me talk about one instance, in a nutshell. It was a birthday of my friend, and, she had given her word to take us for lunch. However, she invited some to her house, without saying a word to the others. Although she was aware of that we had been to her house once, she didn’t care to tell us a word about it. Invitation does not matter. What matters is, her friendship and the bond we have. This proved me wrong, and I came across the excruciating truth that there was never one, and if there had been any, then it was frail like a leaf, shivering in the mighty storm. Getting to understand the world, is so astonishing, isn’t it? The most exasperating thing is that, I have to act like nothing had happened. Who is looked at, with disdain, all the time? I am. Who has got a raw deal? I have. Spellbinding life.

Now, let me talk about something, that doesn’t pierce my heart, but repairs it. Lately, I have been good friends with a person, who wants to be a movie director. Shall I mention the gender? Okay! He is the most talented person, I have ever come across. His creativity is something, that fetters me in a chain of entrancement. Although he always thinks that his plots and works are no better, they are out of the box. I do not know, how he manages to think so different but, he is rather a pessimistic being. His ideas are never stereotypical. I feel special when I am with Dipsha, Urvashi, Swarnika and, at times, Sowmya too. But, when he asks me to read his plots, edit them a bit, or what more he could add in, what some of the scenes should be like, how he could depict some of the sections, I feel important. Yes, important. Because, never do I get asked so many questions and he thinks I am intellectual enough to answer them. I am grateful to have a friend like him. Well, he said the same to me, yesterday. Don’t take it otherwise, because, there are no romantic vibes towards him. It was the end of the suspense, wasn’t it? What did you think, I was going to say, I have fallen in love with him or something astonishing like that? Sorry, some other day.

Today is the birthday, of one of my best friends, Arpita. I was determined to send her a recording just at midnight, and yes, I succeeded in doing that. I miss her so awfully, as she didn’t get enrolled into our school. There are so many people, I wished, would stay. But, does it ever work as you have planned?  No, is always the answer. I just got my chemistry book on my lap, and it is staring at me with eyes, full of exhilaration. Okay, I need to burn the midnight oil.

Have a great life.

*Feel free to give your views*



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