Daily Prompts

Can limitations and obstructions push us forward in our creative work?

If someone is determined enough to reach what he cannot see, he will work consistently, till he arrives in the nick of time. Obstacles and limitations will always be in our paths, endeavouring to keep us from our destination. We back out or give up, thinking that, we won’t be able to survive it. However, who keeps on the track, walks alone, pushes against the mighty storm, wins. Because, if there is hard work, there will be a fruitful end to it. To the brave souls, obstacles and boosts are synonymous, but, to the fragile ones, the same direct them towards the fruitless end. But, one should keep walking without the greed for the fruit.

One thing that should be recalled by everyone in the difficult times, “It is you and only you, who will win. There is no other outcome or equation.”

Have a great life.

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  1. Hey! I love your blog! Also, I can see that you’ve done a lot of tags and all. I’m very new to blogging, so I would be delighted if you nominate me in your tags sometimes, so that I could participate in one of these things, too! Once again, I love your blog!

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