Love yourself

I had earlier taken an oath to post daily, whatever be it, but daily. I failed. Then, I promised to myself, if not daily, then I will write something over here at least, once a week. I failed again. This is the thing. When we don’t get appreciation or in this case, follows, likes and comments, we just break down and back out. We give up, thinking that it is really not our thing. However, in the end, who keeps on the track, works consistently, wins. My teacher said, lately, “If you work hard, you’ll get the upshot. That is that.” Although I don’t write to get likes and follows, I was crestfallen. To my astonishment, I was. I loathed this fact because I love writing and some likes and follows shouldn’t decide whether I should cease this. Again, I pledge to write once a week. Let us see, if I’ll be able to do that in the midst of the pandemonium in my life.

Life hasn’t been better, and I updated a status on Facebook, “I want to die.” I googled it, “I want to die.” The first result, “Need help? Call 022 2754 6669.” I wondered, there are so many people who yearn to give away their lives and, it is such a hard and perpetual feeling. One has to go through such a trauma, to wish for death. We, all, fear death. Who doesn’t? However, think of those, who want to embrace death. Death. A big word. It means the end of your existence. You won’t be able to talk to your kith and kin, laugh with them, sing a song, dance some weird steps, walk on the beach, gaze at the unending sky, read poetry, sleep beside the fire in the freezing nights, walk your pet, write your journal, and so more. You won’t be able to anything that you loved. Think of them, who want to give up all these. Think of their anguish which made them take such an awful step. Some say, you cannot suicide and it will be a shame. But, no. It isn’t a shame. It is shame on those people or those circumstances which made him or her do so. World never fathoms, does it? I would never say, you should not suicide. It isn’t the right word. I would say, you shouldn’t give up. I can comprehend the situation is so harsh to you, that you long to flee away so that you never have to perceive yourself, melancholy. But, remember, the Sun rises after the night. Always. Although the Sun dies every night so that her love, the Moon can rise, we behold her beautiful face every time we open our eyes. That rhymes well. I won’t ask you to have faith in others or God or the situation, rather I would ask you to have the same in yourself. Because it is you, who can fight the world the best. No other would ever fathom your agony, or do your work for you, or help you out, and it all comes down to you, when you have to win the war. And, you cannot say that you are fragile and you won’t be able to survive it. No, you can. Now, you may ask, who said that to me. My answer would be, I said that to myself. Because in every war, it is you, who will win and that is the only equation. There can be no other outcome. Keep this thing engraved in your heart and brain. You and only you will win. One last thing, whatever be it, love yourself.

Have a great life.

*Feel free to give your views*



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