Puzzled Life

To my misery, there were no more likes than two on my last post. However, I am grateful to Iridescence to read and like each one of my posts, every time. Thank you. Another reason that added to my sadness, is that I didn’t blog for four days. Yes, four days. I couldn’t make it up to myself, the promise I have made to myself that for this year, I’ll post a blog everyday, however short be it. As I couldn’t do this, now I am going to post, maybe, not everyday but at an interval of a short period of time. This is because, it is going to be class XI and I really don’t know how I am going to cope with it. I was going to blog on March 3, but Hush Hush, a book authored by Becca Fitzpatrick, kept me from doing so. It had been a year since I have been trying to finish reading the book, but, I could never do that for my examinations, tuition classes which would start just after the school got over, and the time I got, I couldn’t do anything but sleep due to my exhausted condition. Life is hard. Okay, so, on March 3, I beheld this book lying inside my cupboard, staring at me, clueless. The first thought that struck to my mind is to read it. Then, at the second instant, I thought to keep it for the next day and finish my Physics homework. However, the first thought won the war between the two, and I took the book and started reading it from where I have left it, a year earlier. Nora Grey, a high school girl, got to know Patch, towards who, she felt the most attracted, though she had the sense of something wrong about him. It is the story of a fallen angel, who is destined to fall in love with his Nephil vassel’s female descendant.  Actually, not destined. Yeah, maybe, because everything is destined. I am writing this now. This is also destined. He could either slay her and become human, or save her life from sacrificing herself behind which, he was the real cause, and become her guardian angel. He chose to be the guardian angel, though he had longed to be human from the beginning and because of this wish of his and his lust for a human girl long ago before he came to know about Nora, his wings were ripped apart and he was turned into a fallen angel. Love, isn’t it? It has its sequels. like Crescendo, Silence, and Finale. I ordered all of them today from flipkart, because I couldn’t hold back my inquisitiveness to read more of it. I cannot wait for them to arrive. Then again, I just get melancholy at the thought of reading my physics books and not these. I detest my life’s maintenance. Hush Hush kept me awake till 3 am when my mother got up and was astonished to see me reading a book till the hour of the evil, as I have heard it to be. The next day, morning, I finished the book and I couldn’t wait for the other sequels to be read and explored. Hush Hush resembles another book Dead Beautiful by Yvonne Woon. It is a story about a girl falling in love with an undead, whose soul was transferred to her body after he had died by drowning in a river, and now was soul-less, searching for his soul which was trapped in the body of his love. So, it depicts how she tried to be with her love eternally, because undeads have a certain time span within which if they find their souls and suck it out of the other’s body, then they come to life, and if not so, then they suck random souls and try to expand their lifetime, however it gradually fades away. It has sequels namely Life eternal and Love reborn. I hadn’t yet caught hold of Love reborn. I hope to do so soon.

The day before yesterday, at my English tuition classes, I read a little bit of The endless night by Agatha Christie. Gipsy’s Acre was really something that elevated my curiosity a level higher and I wanted to know why it was cursed, or if there was nothing like that of a curse, and it was all just made up. I’ll get to know that, when I go to the classes again, and that’s a week later. Before that I have to mess with my brain by reading the NCERT Physics books and my most hated enemy, Vector. I hope to read them today but as I poured life into my laptop, I was diverted to Facebook and some ludicrous games. Gosh, when am I going to grow up? Maybe, never. I am exhilarated for tomorrow. I hope it goes well and as planned, though life always surprises you and makes you step out of the track that you planned to take. Never lose hope, I would say. People around me always update some obtuse things about their relationships and photos, which are too ridiculous to be looked at, and I think how they get time to perform such tasks. Such hard, difficult, out of my reach tasks. Is it always necessary to make your personal life a public display? Look, who’s talking. I am making my personal, so not out of the box, cliche life to be read by you, lovely readers. I hope you really smile when you kind of relate to what I am attempting to say.

“What is physics?” It is a basic discipline of the category of Natural Science. It can also be said to be the study of the basic laws of nature that have manifestations in the natural phenomenon. “What is science?” It is the systematic attempt to understand the natural phenomenon, and using the so gained knowledge to modify, control and prognosticate the phenomenon. Yes, I had to go through such stuff.

Have a great life.

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  1. I read Hush hush a couple years and I loved it so much! I hope you love it too 🙂

    And I remember the dread of reading class 11 physics. That was from the first chapter right? The first chapter doesn’t really matter for exams so worry about the coming up ones.

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