Major missing

I got the most likes on my last post. Eight likes. Yes. I was so gleeful to see that orange spot above the bell, saying, “Click me. Click me!” I kind of went back in time, and all those pictures reminded me of such beautiful times. Those backbench talks, and every conversation ended up making us laugh to tears, the corridors, the sunshine pouring in through the windowpane, the playground, the time spent with my friends among whom a few won’t be with me, though they have promised to me that they would stay in touch, the songs, dance moves which we barely could do, and the hugs will be missed the most. Urvashi, an amazing singer, after so many months sent me the recording of a song on WhatsApp. When I listened to it, I thought that her voice has changed so much. I realized that I hadn’t been listening to her songs, the way I used to, earlier. I cannot expound the void I feel in my heart when I imagine school without her, life without her. Her friendship, support, I cannot ever repay her in anyway. Talking to her, is by far, the best thing I have ever experienced. I listened to that recording for the billionth time and attempted to fathom that she hadn’t sung to me for months. I wanted to know what really had happened that it is now like this and not like the way it used to be. I hadn’t talked to Dipsha today.

Hannah Montana, was my childhood favourite. I don’t know why. Maybe, I know. Maybe, because they were the ones whom I watched everyday after coming home from school when I was a kid. 9XO is the channel, I am watching now, and it is Cake by the ocean. Joe Jonas, was my first real crush. I used to be mesmerized by him and his songs, still now. Have you watched Camp Rock? I watched it over and over again, just to see Joe Jonas. If anyone has a Time machine, please comment below. I need it. Debadrita continued to send me messages the whole day, on Facebook about how excited she is for the eighth of March. I am too.

Okay, so, I am way too sleepy, to continue this. Wait, I saw this post on Facebook and I shared it. It said, “Whatever your age maybe, if you disrespect me, there is no way I am going to respect you.” It said what I had been wishing to say since ages.

Have a great life.

*Feel free to give your views*


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  1. Yes, i feel so validated when i get likes. Which are so rare. Keep them coming, please.
    Hannah Montana? We share the same birthday (Miley). I’m not very proud. Hah.


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