The sun rays piercing through the windowpane into my room, illuminating the space with its glittering arms and erasing everything negative, always fill me with an exhilarating vigour. Darkness attracts me, but, what sunshine does, cannot be expressed in words. Starting the day with Vector, my heart pleaded with me not to ruin my peace. But I did. Youtube was my next stop, where I watched some random dance videos, and the amazing moves urged my eyes to watch more. Have you read Heaven is for real? I just started it and in the prologue, I got a wide detail about what the book is about. Todd Burpo’s son died for an instant, explored heaven and, his soul returned to his body after the trip. Wow. He is so fortunate to be in Jesus’ lap, when the angels sang to him. After reading a few chapters, I recollected to call Suditi and ask her if her admission into our school was confirmed. She said, miserably, “I don’t think so. If some seats be vacant, then only can I get into this school. The principal asked my parents to wait till the second week of March, when another list will be put up.” I answered, ” Don’t worry. I hope you will make it. I know.” I just cannot imagine school without her. Her pathetic jokes which bear no meaning at all, and you won’t even want to smile after fathoming them but we all laugh blissfully just comprehending the fact that they have no explanation, her exasperating questions and she will be the most missed. As you know, I wished Swarnika yesterday, but there was no reply to it. I called Dipsha and she asked me to change the date of the plan from the seventh to the eighth. I had no issues with it and said a yes to her. Urvashi has been friends with me from the seventh standard, when I, literally, had no friends. She and Risha helped me out. You may think, how they helped me out. Yes, they did, with their friendship. I used to stay aloof from everyone, isolated, maybe, alienated. They were the ones to bring me out of such isolation. However, Risha in class VII  befriended Jeny, who filled the gaps between us with misconceptions and wrath. Once, Jeny said these words to me, “Girls like you, especially, you, should die.” Okay, no more bitter memories. I had not talked to Urvashi for ages, and was determined to call her. I always laugh to tears, when it is a conversation with her. I am going to miss these hard, as she won’t get enrolled into our school just for the fact that this school has now become, CBSE affiliated. She said, “Invite me to your house someday.” She dwells just in the opposite pole of the earth, and I used to think that to travel such a distance to my house, would not be possible for her. After hearing this, I sprang up in the air, and said, “Of course! Anytime! When will you have time?” She replied, cheerfully, “Towards the end of this March. I’ll let you know.” I was so gleeful at that moment that I ran in my house for a minute. Later, I called up Rhea to know when she was going to join the English classes. March, it was. I couldn’t expect the conversation would extend to an immensely comical end. I cannot describe the joke, over here. Oh, Lord, I am laughing my heart out.

Walking on the roof will never get old. You know. It is really difficult to decide which radio channel you are going to listen to, when all your favourite songs are being played on the channels. That happened today. However, I feel uncanny when at night on the roof, I have this image of someone staring at me from behind. Uninhabited, the movie, gave me shivers all the way down my spine. How can people even think of such evil movies? Beth cried after getting to know that Coral, who stepped on some stone fish, and got rapped by seven men. She felt for Coral. That’s different. That’s nice. But joining hands with Coral to slay any man stepping on that island, is just not acceptable. Okay, this too much ghost-ish. But, whatever happens, believing in Him, has always, erased everything evil from my life. Believe in Him, and smile, and when life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life a thousand reasons, maybe a million, to smile.

Have a great life.

*Feel free to give your views*




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