My day started off with two Physics books which had been transferred to my pen-drive, earlier. Physical World, Units and Measurements were too boring to be read and I moved on to Vector, of which I couldn’t get a word. It is pathetic. And, then, I thought, why on earth I chose science. After all the brain tiring works were done away with, I logged into my Facebook account. To my so not fortunate fate, I learned that Kria, Anindita and Debadrita were no longer a part of the plan. Actually, Kria, Anindita, Debadrita, Dipsha and I were supposed to go for a movie and lunch on this seventh of March, as the board examinations just got over. This was supposed to be the first time, I’ll be hanging out with my friends, alone, without my parents. No, wait, for the second time, because I had already done so, after the Selection Tests. I was too melancholy, when I got to know this and their reasons were just unendurable. Anindita, suddenly, has to go to the bank to create her junior account, Kria’s cousin will be coming from London, and Debadrita’s mother won’t allow her to hangout with us, all by herself. So, it was Dipsha and I. I became exceeding wrathful, because for them I cancelled the plan of meeting up with Sowmya, who I haven’t seen for ages. In the evening, Dipsha called, who is now at Patna. She was shocked when she heard about this and said that she would talk to Debadrita, as Debadrita’s mother allows her to be by herself if Dipsha’s around. She said, jubilantly, “Don’t worry. Whatever be it, I will be around. And, we will, definitely, meet up with Sowmya when she will come back from her trip. Okay?” I smiled and replied, “Okay. You are such a darling.”

Walking on the roof, has been something that is always so exhilarating to me. The sky seems so close to me that it is like if I stretch out my arms, I could grab it. Some of the stars were glittering brightly, while the others faintly. The moon was out of sight, maybe, he went out for a walk, or for some movie. I am not kidding. Out of the blue, a message popped up and I unlocked my phone to see who it was. It was Debadrita. She said that there was a misunderstanding and that now, she would come. I sprang up in the air and I knew it was Dipsha, who got it all right. Debadrita and I had some differences before, because Dipsha had some issues with her. However, time smoothed out those obstacles and now, we are quite good friends and I hope we will remain to be so. Today, twenty-ninth of February is Swarnika’s birthday. I didn’t wish her. She had wished me right at midnight on my birthday. It made my day so special, but I didn’t make hers. Our group had problems with her and I always endeavoured to keep those far away from our bond. But I failed. I feel ashamed of myself that I didn’t even wish her. There is still time, but I am not being able to do so. I would detest this decision of mine all my life, because yes, she was the one to bring those gaps between us, but she never loved me less. Maybe, she did. I don’t know. Okay, I am going to send her a message, wishing her. I just did. I am scared about what her reply is going to be. I loath it when there are no delivery reports.

I just had a fight with my sister, about an online shopping thing. I told her not to click the ‘Place order’ button, until I could fix a thing about the debit card. But, that is exactly what she did. Okay, I cancelled the whole order of three items and she went away to her room. So, then, I placed the order of one item which I was supposed to take, on cash on delivery. Oh, wait, did you see The Oscars? At last, Leonardo DiCaprio made it. Finally. Okay, so here it ends today. I hope Swarnika replies to my message soon.

Have a great life.

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