Daily Prompts – Leap

It is a word which literally means to jump or to spring up, however, in life, most of the people fail to take this leap. People fear the consequences which will cause drastic changes in their lives after this leap has been taken. Those who do take this leap, having faith in themselves, move forward in their long journey. Those, who are frightened of this leap and sit back at their homes, not attempting to make their dreams come true, they are the ones whose dreams remain to be so. Their lives remain static and hence, then, blame their fate and Him for whatever happened to them. Having faith in oneself, is the foremost thing one should do. One should not just dream and think, but do whatever necessary to fulfill those. Those who leap, have their Mercedeses make the din, and those who don’t, have to tire their mouths.

Have faith in yourself and Him, because you never know, what you are going to achieve. Life will keep surprising you in every way possible. So, take the leap if you haven’t already.

Have a great life.


2 thoughts on “Leap

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    1. Yes, actually and so, we always miss what we could have got or achieved. Because, if we don’t get success, what we will get is experience which is of utmost importance. Thank you.


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