Sudden recall

I couldn’t figure out how to get featured in the dailyposts until today, when I took an oath to post at least one. Longing for Gravity, Pace Oddity, Counting Voices came in the way and I really liked giving my views to such out of the box questions. To my astonishment, I got six likes on Pace Oddity and I thought what an amazing platform this is.

The Vampire Diaries is the only show which has kept me clung to it, however examinations turned out to be an obstacle in my path. I heard about TVD  and commenced watching it from the season 3. Then again, I missed the season six, and today, my eyes fell on my old best friend. Recalling the earlier episodes, the one thing that was quite prominent was Damon’s love for Elena, the most strong thing I’ve ever come across. Stefan loved her too, but, when it came to Damon, it was something different. His love was selfless. Although I always have a soft corner for Stefan, I wished for Elena to choose Damon. Coming to the season seven, as Elena’s gone for a while, I learned that Stefan cared for Caroline a bit too much, and I was relieved because at last Elena would not hurt Stefan, though she never wanted to. Okay, this is too much vampire-ish. But, when I recollected those episodes, some days also came in front of my eyes. I miss those days when I used to be care-free and not worry about anything but food and The vampire diaries. I never wanted to grow up, but I had to. I did.

Later, I watched Underground awakening, though I don’t know why. Theo James was the reason, maybe. My mother expounded that there were some great action scenes. I didn’t know she had such interest in these. I cannot write anymore, because I am exceedingly drowsy and soon I am going to fall asleep without even posting this. So, see you tomorrow.

Have a great life.

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  1. I stopped watching season 7 of TVD half through. I paused TO too.. I lost interest after Klaroline’s future doomed and Elena “left”. All the spoilers online now have me tempted to watch again. I stopped going on social media due to that now


      1. I’m still resisting it! But if you know all the spoilers I see on my facebook feed, and you’re a Klaroline fan then you’ll be tempted too


      2. I’m resisting it because if I have to watch, I need to see from where I left off on both shows which sums up to at least a dozen episodes. And we’ve got boards right now! I shouldn’t binge-watch during exams


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