The world, so magical

I was on the verge of falling asleep at every second, today. I couldn’t help but take short naps. I didn’t have to go to any class, as my tutor will be out of station from the first of March, neither did I have to do any dishes, which I never do, or wash clothes. Nothing. However, I was exhausted and I loathed this. So, I went to sort out my books and do away with the copies and books of my earlier classes. Going through the pages of old books, I smiled. I recalled reading these and every time, I said that I didn’t want to study and run away. I kept the books in the veranda, which could be sold. The sky was clear and opening the windows, a wind, so cool, blew in. I enjoyed the warmth of the sun rays while I shivered in the wind. For so many days I had been thinking to clear my shelves and make room for the new books. This was the time. I did it. My determination won and my sloth lost. Watching movies, was something that was far away from me for almost three months before the board examination. I was determined to have it too close to me. I have always yearned to watch some movies, which I couldn’t watch for some reason or the other. Either I missed the time when channels like Star movies, WB, Movies Now, Romedy Now etc broadcasted those movies, or the network was too bad and the buffering would go on. So, megashare was my destination to get those wishes fulfilled. I commenced with The fault in our stars. I couldn’t help those tears go down, when Elgort said that his body lit up like a Christmas tree. It wasn’t fair what happened later. I thought about the movie again and again, and I wish that no one has to go through such an unfortunate fate, though I know that people do and survive. Then, A walk to remember was on my movie list. I haven’t read the book and I didn’t know that it would have such resemblance with the former one. Landon married Jamie, though he knew that she wouldn’t stay with him for long. But their love was eternal. I hope some miracle happens and soon a permanent cure will be discovered for Cancer.

Then, as I have mentioned in my earlier blog, I went for a walk on my gargantuan roof for two hours, today. Not a calm walk but a fast, running kind of a walk. You know what I mean. The city looks so beautiful and the sky too from there. Yesterday, I beheld the moon in the north-eastern sky, according to the compass in my sister’s phone, at almost 8 pm. It followed me wherever I went and this time the orb was not painted white. It was painted red. Gradually, as the gleaming ball rose up, the colour fainted. The colour, red turned into orange, which again turned into yellow. The spellbinding, picturesque scene made me forget about all the obstacles of life for a moment. It made me feel like I could go beyond the boundaries, break everything that kept me from reaching my destination. Maybe, there is no destination and the road will continue for eternity just like the game of Temple Run does. But at that moment, I felt like I could actually be someone, do something.

Later on, I was too baffled to comprehend how to pingback other blogs over here. I kind of figured it out. Maybe, no. I don’t know. Now, I am sitting on the sofa, writing this thing, hoping that someone would read this and have a smile over his or her face. Don’t forget to smile at each and every moment. Smile and believe in yourself. Smile and think how beautiful this world is and, how magically, He painted this whole universe with maybe, a brush or He has got a set of different brushes. But He is the best artist, I have ever known. So smile, and know that, He has a lot in store for you.

Have a great life.

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