The next day

To my astonishment, I got five likes on my first blog, including mine. One even followed me. It feels good to see that people are liking what you are expressing with some words.

Yesterday, my Tab, which was bought for my new coaching classes, had to be deposited in the service center of Dell, as it wouldn’t open with any of my Microsoft accounts. This Tab, had been ordered online from with an amazing discount. I was too disappointed, when it didn’t open and I kept staring at it with the hope that some miracle would happen and the screen would display, “Welcome, Rose.” Moving on, I had to tire my brain by working out almost fifty sums, because, out of the blue, my tutor called yesterday, and asked me to come at 10 am, today. However, I wasn’t aware of the fact that he wouldn’t check my sums and that he would transfer two books and some videos to my pen-drive. So, Vector slaughtered my peace at 6 am. I lugged my bag on my shoulder which had the books of Vector, 3D Geometry and Trigonometry for JEE Mains and Advanced. The weather was totally out of the box and uncertainty reached its limit. It was exceedingly, unbearably hot with the Sun gleaming brilliantly. But, with a few drops of rain, the weather was pacified and so was I. When I reached my tutor’s house, I saw two people at the table, one had his spectacles on, with a grave look on his face and the other examined me with her dark eyes. Both of them looked like they are some college students. By the time all the files were transferred to my pen-drive, which has a memory of 8 GB, the class got filled up with people. As I was going to get my things wrapped up, I heard another girl say, “She is just a kid,” and smiled at me. I didn’t mind. To my wrath, when I went out of the room, I heard the same thing repeat itself and calmed down myself, thinking that these are people without brains, who judge others all the time. Returning home, my sister was astounded to see me back so soon and said, “I thought you would be away for a while and let me be in peace.” I laughed, “How can I ever do that?” It rained, and I could see some of the crows drenched, taking shelter and the trees swaying wildly in the refreshing wind. I am grateful to the Western Disturbance.

I am gaining weight and I cannot do anything about this. Every time I long to go on a diet, or go jogging, my sloth wins and my determination fails. I will get a solution soon and I have made up my mind that I will, definitely, go jogging, tomorrow. I hope. In the evening, I was too busy, setting up my site and I was trying my best to get the Like button appear. At last, I won the war. After the war got over, Facebook was not a bad idea. A picture popped up, where I noticed Mayank, who proposed to me, lately, with his new girlfriend. I was so gleeful to see him with someone, who he loved truly, this time. When he got to know about my blog, he said, “I am so proud of you,” and this made my day, the way the news that I commenced blogging, made his.

Have a great life.

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