The first touch

Let my identity be concealed for an instant. This is the first blog, and that is why the name, “The first touch.”
Yesterday, my name appeared on the list of the selected students for science in my school, which had been a second home to me, since the age of four and fortunately, it will be so for another two years. I could not really halt my heart from pounding at the maximum speed ever possible, when I beheld my name, the most cliché name, on the list. Actually not on the list, but the screen of my phone, because I didn’t really know the time at which the notice was going to be put up, and so, I reached school much earlier, and retreated home, with a mixture of hope and anxiety. So, the notice was put up at around 2 pm. My friends clicked a picture of the list and sent it via WhatsApp, the new technology. So, before my father went to see it, I had already known what it was going to be. However, I was crestfallen to not get to see some of the names of my friends. I am going to use some different names for the people I know. Okay, so, the first name, I was looking for, after mine, was Dipsha, a friend, a companion, my love. Yes, she was there on the list. Next came, Anindita, Kria, Sreeja. But, I was too grieved when I realized the fact that the names, Sowmya and Suditi were missing. Suditi is a high-spirited girl whom I have befriended in class X. Actually, class I, when we together participated in the Potato race and bagged the first prize. She always gets the answers right in the class, she “participates.” But, at times, she is the most annoying person you will ever meet. She asks the same question for the millionth time and exasperates me to death. However, she is a student at Fiitjee, and I seriously don’t know why she didn’t get selected, because I hear that Fiitjee students are extraordinary at science. So when I called her on the phone, she sounded so melancholy and her voice cracked and she started crying her heart out and I couldn’t do anything. But, I pleaded with her, to ask her father to do something about it and she rather sounded like she didn’t want to do that. Okay, going on to Sowmya, she is a friend, a real good friend. She smiles and springs up in bliss whenever I do well in the examinations, be it at school, or the tuitions. She was the one to always wait for me till my father came to pick me up after the Geography tuition class got over. But at times, she spills out the most ruthless words that cut open my heart. Most of the times, I score the highest in the Physical science tuition examinations and Kankana too. Once Sowmya said, “You know why you get the highest marks, like always? Because, when we are not prepared well, you are also kind of lagging behind. But you get the highest, because we couldn’t do well. Then again, when we are all ready with the lesson, we still can’t score the highest marks. You know why? Because at that time, you have learnt the lesson too well.” I didn’t reply to this pathetic logic, and smiled, because I knew that it weren’t her words, it were her parents’ and if I had opened my mouth at that time, I would have spoiled our friendship. So, I just let it be. But it hurts, doesn’t it?
Today is the day to pay the admission fees, and my father got to hear, when he reached school, that some parents had pleaded with the Headmistress to take their children in. But isn’t it unfair to the ones who got chosen? Is it really explainable to those who did well in the admission test which was too hard? Actually, what happened is that, forty-five students out of one hundred and fifty, were selected, who could opt for science in our school. This was on the basis of the Selection test that was held in the month of September. Then again, after the board examination, it was decided to take some more students in by the Admission test which will be a level higher than what we have already learnt. The students who were already selected would also have to take this test. That was that. That took more students and cut out some of the already chosen ones like Sowmya, Mandavi. Some unworthy ones had their names on the list. Though, who am I to say that they are unworthy? Maybe, they deserve it. But, according to me, there are others who have worked hard a lot more than them like Promita, Priyanjali, Pratiti, who didn’t really deserve to have their names on the list. I pacify myself by stating the same thing again and again, that, He always has a reason. Always. Yes.

So, whatever hard time you are going through, remember to have faith in Him. Some of you don’t believe in Him. I know. But, I do. I will keep doing so because I know He is there, somewhere, watching me write this thing.

Have a great life.

*Feel free to give your views*


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